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Proactive Spreadsheet Risk Management

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Checks For:
  • Circular references
  • Numbers formatted as text
  • Formulas evaluating to an error
  • Conditional formatting
  • Complex Modeling Logic
  • Links to external workbooks
  • Presence of Very Hidden Sheets
  • Total number of formulas
  • Total unique formulas
  • Plus Many More......

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This page was last reviewed on October 25, 2008

XLAnalyst - Proactive Spreadsheet Risk Management

XLAnalyst Standard rapidly checks spreadsheets for well known, frequently used structures which have been proven to lead to errors. It provides a summary risk report indicating:
  1. Which structures were found.
  2. Common metrics to assess the overall complexity of the model. 
  3. A weighted estimate of the risk that the workbook contains errors.

XLAnalyst Standard also provides a report of every unique formula in a workbook. This is the fastest way to review formulas for common quality issues such as mixed formulas and constants. This report allows instant navigation to examples of the formulas, by double clicking

XLAnalyst Standard does not produce a list of every single possible issue that the workbook may contain, it focuses only on those that have been proven to cause material errors. This improves the signal to noise ratio to allow the user to drill into the issues of real concern.

XLAnalyst Standard will be released shortly.

There is also a free version: XLAnalyst Free. This is a demo version of what you can expect in XLAnalyst Standard. It has the same clear focus and rapid test speed, it does not however provide the interactive unique formula list report. Its not time limited in any way.

Go here to download your free workbook tester.


Latest News


XLAnalyst Standard has been with beta testers for some time now.
The feedback has almost been fully incorporated and tested.
Release datewill be announced shortly.

March 2006 - The XLAnalyst research project has ended - thanks very much to all those that took part . Some summary statistics will be published soon.
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